SonderCenters Franchising

Franchise Process

Your Adventure Begins Now


Step 1: Getting to know you

Are you interested in becoming a SonderMind Franchisee? The first step is to contact us and we'll provide a Franchise Application form to help us get to know you. Some minimum requirements are:

  • Minimum net worth of $150,000 (excluding your primary residence) and qualifying financial liquidity
  • Great attitude and willingness to learn
  • Customer-first mentality
  • Prior marketing, sales or management experience is a plus

Once we hear from you, we will provide you with our Franchise Application. Following the completion of this Application, you will have the opportunity to speak with a SonderMind recruiting team member, to learn about your background and goals, as well as provide an overview of the SonderMind franchise opportunity. The objective is to determine whether SonderMind is likely to to enable you reach your goals, as well as whether your background makes it likely that you will enjoy running the business and to be a fit for the SonderMind family.




Following our initial qualification process, you will have a chance to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). 

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the business model, specifics about start-up costs and requirements for franchisees and SonderMind. A limited summary of the franchise start-up requirements and expenses are:

  • $30,000 franchise fee
  • 6% ongoing royalty on gross revenue
  • Initial rent costs and 3-months' working capital
  • Tenant improvements, furnishing and information technology expenses
  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Grand opening marketing expenses
  • Insurance, signage and utilities
  • Total costs (inclusive of all of the above) can be expected to start at approximately $90,000


STEP 3: market discussions and continued exploration

An online presentation will be scheduled to provide you with an overview about the SonderMind process and answer your questions about the available market opportunities, process and an in-depth discussion about our Franchise Support Systems. Among other things, we will use this webinar to provide information about:

  • SonderMind's real estate process, including how we support you with site selection, negotiation, location design, contractor negotiations and other key ingredients to success
  • Financing options
  • SonderMind's proprietary software solutions
  • Franchisee training  and education
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Average unit economics
  • Ongoing support


STEP 4: Discovery Day

Next, you’ll meet the leadership and support team in Denver. Expect presentations about the SonderMind's direction and vision, as well as visits to existing locations. You’ll get a feel for our culture and the quality of the SonderMind team who will be supporting your success as a new Franchisee.



STEP 5: Decision and Franchise Selection

Once approved as a SonderMind Franchisee, you will receive your Franchise Agreement, Area of Primary Responsibility and be assigned to your primary development manager. 



Use the form below to contact us regarding your interest in becoming a SonderMind Franchisee.

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