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Why SonderMind? |

Now is the Time!

Proven Model, Great Results

Whether you are an entrepreneurial therapist, a real estate investor/owner, or an experienced franchise builder, SonderMind represents the opportunity to be part of one of fastest-growing segments of our economy: behavioral healthcare.

By partnering with the SonderMind team as a new franchisee, you benefit from our years of experience as business operators and clinicians in this space. We will enable you to build a strong, successful business that is aggressively adding new revenue streams for our owners.

  • Proven System, with Effective Tools and Resources
  • Custom Software Platform
  • Know the Customer and the Market
  • Guidance Finding and Opening a Location
  • Built-in Support System
  • Experienced Marketing Support
  • Network Support from Fellow Franchises
  • Backing from a Growing Brand

The SonderMind ingredients to a Successful Private Practice

You may have heard about franchising and are wondering about the process, as well as whether or not it is a fit for your goals. There are numerous benefits to becoming a franchisee, including benefiting from a proven business model, reducing risk, lowering costs and getting started faster. 


Our Members

Members of SonderMind own and operate their independent private practices with support provided by our software and business services, marketing support, and costumized office space solutions.

Our Vision

SonderMind is focused on improving society’s overall mental wellness by supporting behavioral health providers who wish to develop and grow their own practices. 


Our Location

SonderMind locations are designed to meet the needs of all behavioral health professionals, weather you are seeing 30 clients per week or 3.

Our Mission

We intend to execute on the SonderMind Vision by simplifying provate practice for therapist and improving client accesability to high-quality behavioral health services. 

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